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Vanessa Grossman and Christopher La Casse run That One Photobooth LLC as a couple, with Vanessa's daughters periodically assisting as volunteers. It's a "family business" and they love working together to provide a fun, interactive, and entertaining experience for every event.

While Vanessa typically handles scheduling, e-mails, customer service, billing, social media, marketing, advertising, website design, layouts, design, and paperwork, Chris has extensive photography experience and is the main booth manager attending a majority of the events. His role is to be sure that lighting, photography, printing, and the backdrop are all spot-on, and that set-up, break-down, and any mechanical maintenance are taken care of. He is also the builder and fabricator of the backgrounds and props, and also has advanced technical knowledge that he applies to the equipment, procedures, and booth technology. Vanessa and her daughters may also be seen at events as Assistants or running the booths solo as well.

Vanessa and Chris, Owners of That One Photobooth
Black and White Photo of Owners of That One Photobooth, and Vanessa's daughters


Combined, Chris and Vanessa have a background and/or experience in event planning, arts and crafts, fabrication, photography, graphic design, web design, photo enhancement and manipulation, technical support and troubleshooting, business ownership, social media management, marketing, and customer service. They are a dynamic duo with a wide variety of skills to handle your event with professionalism and skill.


Vanessa's daughters volunteer from time to time and assist with distributing photos, helping guests at the Scrapbook Station, organizing and arranging props, guiding the flow through the photo booth, and contributing to the fun experience the guests have within the photo booth.

They can't wait to meet you!


That One Photobooth LLC is a licensed, insured, and background-checked company.

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