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  • Who owns That One Photobooth?
    Vanessa Rae Grossman and Christopher La Casse. Learn more about Vanessa and Chris on the About page.
  • Are you a large or small business?
    We are a small, local business! We, Vanessa and Chris, run the business together, with periodic volunteers from family and friends. We are aiming to have staff within the next year or two!
  • Are you legit?
    Absolutely! We are an LLC in the state of California, as well as having a business license, a photography license (background checked and fingerprinted within Santa Maria, CA), and have full coverage insurance. We also are members of our local Chamber of Commerce and Women's Network.
  • Why is your company an LLC? or What does it mean that you have LLC in your name?
    We formed an LLC for tax purposes and because of the liability protection it provides us as individuals. Basically, we wanted our company to be completely separate from our personal finances and assets and to be its own entity.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes! We have both General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance. If you need a COI (Certificate of Insurance) to additionally cover the venue for the day of the event, we'd be happy to provide you with one.
  • When was your business formed?
    That One Photobooth LLC was officially established in 2018 after we decided that providing photo booths outside of family and friends functions could be more than just a hobby. We have loved diving into the education, research, and practice that it takes to provide a professional photo booth service.
  • What type of printing do you have?
    We utilize professional, high-end, dye-sublimation printers that print anywhere between 10-25 seconds, depending on internet speed and booth used. Prints are "dry" and ready to handle and view immediately out of the printer.
  • What cameras are you using?
    We use a variety of cameras including high-end DSLR cameras, iPad Pros, GoPros, and iPhone Pros, depending on the booth.
  • Can you set up indoors or outdoors?
    Yes to both! Though lighting and electricity tend to be easier to control indoors, we also have add-ons that will allow us to service your outdoor event. Please view our Add-Ons for more information.
  • Can you make the photo templates and artwork match the theme for my event?
    Yes! We can custom design photo templates and all artwork to match your theme. We are skilled and proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Canva, and frankly, we love a uniquely themed event to get our creative juices flowin'! Take a look at our pre-made templates here.
  • Do you travel?
    Yes. We are located in Santa Maria, California, but can travel wherever we are needed. Mileage rates may apply.
  • Do you service Corporate Events?
    Yes, we do. We love working with Corporate businesses and making their vision come to life. Whether it's a holiday party, a marketing effort, an employee celebration, or some other event, we provide much more than photo booth entertainment, we provide an immersive, branded experience that engages guests and makes the brand stand out. Check out some of the businesses we have worked with and events we have been associated with here.
  • How much space does your photo booth need?
    Most of our photo booths need about a 10' x 15' x 8' tall space with a dedicated outlet for electricity (110V, 15 amps, 3 prong standard) within 15 feet from our designated area. The 360 video booth will need about 20' x 12' x 9' tall space. The floor must be level, solid, stable, and dry. Please refrain from placing us next to busy doorways, doors, or hallways where people would have to walk through the booth to get to where they are going. Please plan for a line of guests lining up at our booth and how that line may need to be routed.
  • How much are your packages?
    Package prices vary depending on booth, features, and time requested. Fill out our Contact Form with a few basic questions and we will be in touch to provide you with a quote.
  • Why do you charge sales tax?
    We are required to collect sales tax in the state of California since we are providing tangible items (physical prints, digital photos, scrapbooks, USBs, etc.) and anything that is more than just a service.
  • Do you provide non-profits, seniors, or military discounts? 
    Yes. We do have a discount available for non-profits, seniors, or military. Please contact us for details.
  • How do you come up with your pricing for your packages?
    We prioritize having the best technology and equipment in our industry. This means that packages are priced based on the features that come with them, the time that it takes to prepare for and execute an event, and all of our other overhead. In addition to paying for licenses, insurance, taxes, fees, software subscriptions, and our employees, we also pay for meals, fuel, and all of the time involved to prepare for and wrap up an event. This includes, but is not limited to, the lead conversation, booking conversation, data collection to plan our responsibilities for the event, graphic design of the templates and artwork, touring venue for setup logistics, ordering supplies, preparing software, charging batteries and gathering supplies, loading vehicle, fueling the vehicle, transportation time, setup time, tear down time, packing vehicle back up, travel home, unloading the vehicle, uploading images to our website for sharing, wrap-up correspondence, and sanitation of supplies. For a simple 2-hour package, we may spend about 14 hours total, or more, on everything involved.
  • Will you bring your photo booth to our event for free?
    We do give back each year by selecting a few charitable events that we can give back to. We do have to stay mindful that we have a business and bills and must compensate for our time and pay our debts so that we can still be around for future events. Our solution? We recommend finding a Sponsor that would be willing to financially support the photo booth expense. In turn, we will add the Sponsor's logo/info to your event's photo templates so that the Sponsor is visible on every printed photo template, every digital photo template, and every share that goes out via social media, text, or email. This is a wonderfully inexpensive marketing/advertising opportunity for the Sponsor and provides brand visibility and association with the event. We can even collect phone numbers or emails for your Sponsor as well, if desired. This means that the Sponsor can use this data to continue its marketing efforts well after the event has ended. Contact us to learn more about how to utilize a sponsor to get your event paid for.
  • I cannot pay all at once. Do you have payment plans?
    Yes, we do! We do require a Booking Fee to secure your event date so that no one else can book the booth for your special day, however, we do allow you to make payments up to 2 weeks prior to your event. We can even provide you with a special hyperlink that you can share with other people that are willing to help make payments on your photo booth package. If you have friends, family, or other Sponsors asking how they can help with your event, simply send them the link to make a payment for your photo booth!
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